Demo Version

MONIKA Demo V3.0

With the demo version of MONIKA you can create new projects. And you can also change the project folder and other settings. Furthermore you can also import baseline data (*.bls), SINEX data (*.snx) and even complete epochs (*.epinfo, *.epkoo, *.epkov) to the project and create epochs with the imported data. Beside that you can also set up automatic epoch generation definitions and automatic deformation analysis definitions with this demo version. And to give you a full spectrum of the visualisation and functions, it is also possible to save and open MONIKA savefiles (*.monsav). Only the calculations, like the 3D-adjusment in the step of the epoch generation or the deformation analysis itself, are deactivated in the demo version.

MONIKA Demo Versions:

MONIKA Demo V3.01 (release date 13.11.2011, english)

MONIKA Demo V2.81 (release date 27.05.2011, english)

MONIKA Demo V2.70 (release date 08.09.2010, english)

MONIKA Demo V2.54 (release date 14.06.2010, english)

MONIKA Demo V2.41 (release date 01.12.2009, english)

MONIKA Demo V2.32 (release date 01.07.2009, english)

MONIKA Demo V2.32 (release date 27.05.2009, german)

Loadable MONIKA projects are available in the MONIKA Solutions section.

MONIKA Demo - Handling

The handling of the MONIKA software is very easy and intuitively. After the MONIKA-savefile is opened, use the navigation bar to switch between the epochs. The time series are available by the context menu (right click on a point).
The different colors of the points and baselines are explained and can be changed by "view" -> "view settings".