EUREF 2011 - Year Solution

(European wide GNSS network)

As a remake of the EUREF 2008 analysis, a similar analysis has been calculated in this year for the Intergeo 2011 exhibition. For observations, the weekly SINEX files from the BKG analysis centre were used again. These files are free available from the IGS FTP server. Four of these weekly SINEX files were combined in the epoch generation (step 2) to get an approximate timespan of a month per epoch. Next a modulation of the tectonic plate rotation was calculated, with the NNR-NUVEL-1A model, because of the large timespan of the analysis. The reference date of this modulation was the approximate midtime of all epochs (01.01.2011). In the deformation analysis itself 15 epochs were analysed.
The analysis starts from 04.07.2010 and ends at 27.08.2011.


Time Series of the GNSS station in Gebze (Turkey)


Time Series of the GNSS station in Ankara (Turkey)

EUREF 2011 (75.6 MB)
(for this solution you will need at last the MONIKA-Demo version 3.00)