SAPOS 2008

(Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

The second greates analysis by MONIKA was the analysis of the SAPOS-Network from our cooperation partner. This network is a regional GNSS-Network for RTK positioning services in Baden-Württemberg. For observations, dayly processed SINEX files with the Bernese 5.0 software were used. These GNSS-network solutions were furthermore embedded in a free network datum. About 14 to 16 of these SINEX files then were combined in the epoch generation (step 2) to get an approximate timespan of two weeks per epoch. Next also a modulation of the tectonic plate rotation was calculated, with the NNR-NUVEL-1A model, because of the large timespan of the analysis and expected different velocities between northern and sounther stations. The reference date of this modulation was the midtime of all epochs (07.08.2008). And in the deformation analysis itself 26 epochs were analysed.
The analysis starts from 01.01.2008 and ends at 31.01.2009.

SAPOS 2008 (32.8 MB)
(for this solution you will need at last the MONIKA-Demo version 2.41)